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Guess who came to visit for Easter?  :iconveggiefangirl:, that's who!  =)

Wednesday, April 16th

We picked Laramie up from the train station that afternoon.  The trip to my house was pretty uneventful so I'll skip to the evening.  We had planned on seeing Rio 2, but thanks to a mixup in my timing, we missed the first few minutes of it.  Heh, just my luck eh?  Eh, it happens to the best of us.  I'll have to review the movie at some point.

Thursday, April 17th

Today we went to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk.  The weather was better this time around so we got to see some more animals out in the habitats.  For some reason, the peacocks were running loose all over the place, which was pretty amusing.  The barnyard, however, was not yet open, for some reason.  Still a great visit, however.

Friday, April 18th

Good Friday, so I was fasting all day.  We still had a good time when we visited the Virginia Aquarium, :iconveggiefangirl:'s favorite.  Her camera didn't take the best pics of her favorite animals, the sharks, but she managed to get a few nonetheless.  And wouldn't you know, when we got to the aviary exhibit, we got to feed some of the birds.  Yep, tossing them everything from crickets to mice.  Yes mice, please don't lose your lunches.

Saturday, April 19th

Today was the new episode of MLP, Trade Ya.  Fun episode, but I think Power Ponies remains my favorite.  :iconveggiefangirl: had wanted to go to the mall today, so we drove down the Lynnhaven mall to go shop around for a bit.  While we were there she finally managed to get herself a copy of Watership Down.  We had been searching for it for a while now and had never been able to find a copy.  After the Mall, we sat down and watched one of her movies, The Prince of Egypt, at her suggestion.  Good movie.  We had to eat Easter supper quickly so we could make the Easter Vigil service, but we managed to make it with plenty of time to spare.  She was impressed, to say the least.

Sunday, April 20th.

Today we took :iconveggiefangirl: back to the train station to get home.  My folks put together a nice Easter basket for her to enjoy, which she really appreciate.  We almost had a disaster happen; first we hit traffic on I-64 (ugh!), and then we almost hit more heading into Richmond, so we had to take a shorcut that almost made us arrive at the station late.  Luckily we made it with minutes to spare, although Laramie wasn't able to check her bag.  Beats missing the train.  We kissed and said our goodbyes before she boarded.  I watched until the train went out of sight, and then it was back home for me.

Until next time honey!  ^^
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